Myoan Grace on book tour in Europe

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Check out these photos from Grace’s visit to Germany to celebrate “Zen Frauen” – the recent translation of her book Zen Women into German.  She met, among others, Anna Gamma, founder of Zen Center Lucerne, a lay teacher in the White Plum lineage and a (former) Benedictine nun.

Below is the “google translate” version of an article on the website zenzentrum-offenerkreis. Here’s the direct link if you read German:

….and the google translation of the article…:

Women practiced in Zen with more various forms than men. Grace Schireson, clinical psychologist and author of a wonderful book Zen Frauen about Zen women spoke about bold Ancestors in India, Japan and Korea, based on their own practice and teaching. In America, according to Schireson, about 50% of Zen teachers today are women. Thus, after many centuries male-dominated Zen practice is changing in the West.

We do not want to turn the mind to wood and stone, to cut all desires, and to have no feelings.” said this Zen grandmother during her visit on July 17 /18th at the Zen Center Open Circle in Lucerne. Instead, let us expand the mind’s space, in which we can freely decide how we want to deal with our emotions and attachments. Grace Schireson teaches a practice that is closely anchored in everyday life andthe body. Some of Zen’s female ancestors even integrated teachings on sexuality. In traditional Zen sexuality is mostly excluded from the teachings.

In her fascinating book, Zen Frauen: Beyond Tea Ladies, Iron Maidens and Macho Masters, we encounter female pioneers from different centuries. Supported by courageous men, women found ways to practice despite extremely difficult circumstances. They inspire both women and men of today to find their unique and innate self-expression through the practice of Zen.



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