Myoan Grace on book tour in Europe

Check out these photos from Grace’s visit to Germany to celebrate “Zen Frauen” – the recent translation of her book Zen Women into German.  She met, among others, Anna Gamma, founder of Zen Center Lucerne, a lay teacher in the White Plum lineage and a (former) Benedictine nun. Below is the “google translate” version of an…

New Year’s Retreat 2015 – always we begin again

Oridnary Mind Back in the 8th century, Nansen and Joshu had a conversation about ordinary mind. It was a problem then and it’s a problem now. What is this practice, how do I get there? Ordinary mind is the way. Chasing after it won’t work, ignoring it won’t work either; it’s just that it cannot…

Upcoming Retreat Dates and Links

We have scheduled the New Year’s Retreat and the SPOT Summer Intensive.  Check out the dates below: New Year’s Retreat 2015 – December 28 to January 1 SPOT Summer Intensive Training, June 18 to July 8, 2015

Shosan, Fall Retreat 2014

Fall Retreat 2014 Memories

Autumn Moon Fearing my past is exposed to the moon, I keep looking down this evening.  – Otagaki Rengetsu Photos from the retreat

Zen Women Ancestors

Chanting the Names Once Forgotten in Buddhadharma Spring 2014

At long last, the Women Ancestors document, spearheaded by Myoan Grace Schireson, Peter Levitt, Norman Fischer and others, is being shared widely. The Spring 2014 issue of Buddhadharma shows the lineage document along with article by Grace about its history and significance.  You’ll find the full article here. See an excerpt below:      …

Myoan Grace Schireson

Grace Schireson’s Zen Women: Book Signing at Green Gulch Farm

Posted December 09, 2009 Sunday, December 27 Lecture at 10 am, book signing at 11 am Green Gulch Farm, 1601 Shoreline Highway, Muir Beach, CA 94965 [directions] Grace Schireson will be presenting the public talk at Green Gulch Farm on Sunday, December 27 at 10 am, followed by a book signing for Zen Women: Beyond Tea-Ladies,…

Grace during her Mountain Seat ceremony

Mountain Seat Ceremony for Grace Schireson

November 01, 2009 Myoan Grace Schireson was installed as Abbess of Empty Nest Zendo here in North Fork, California today in a Mountain Seat Ceremony presided over by Sojun Mel Weitsman of Berkeley Zen Center — Schireson Roshi’s teacher. In the S?t? school, a Mountain Seat Ceremony is the fifth and final level of empowerment…