DanaSince the times of the Śākyamuni Buddha, the act of Dāna, of giving generously, has been one of the central practices of the Buddhist tradition. Without Dāna, the Buddhist tradition may not have survived at all. In the Thai Forest tradition, for example, the giving of Dāna is seen as being synonymous with Buddhism — an important devotional act providing monastics with their daily nourishment and other essentials.

The practice of Dāna is the joy of giving itself!

The practice of Dāna is one of three ethical foundations found in popular Buddhism, the first three elements of the ten meritorious deeds, which are:

Dāna (giving, liberality or generosity)
Śīla (ethical or moral conduct)
Bhavana (meditation or mental training)

Your practice of Dāna today to the Central Valley Zen Foundation, a not-for-profit religious organization, will help us in the following ways:
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  • To provide scholarships to sangha members who need them.

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