Zen Women’s Retreat (July 24 – 27, 2014)

  • 02:00 PM

JOIN US for meditation, training in Zen forms, and the teachings of female Zen ancestors and their relevance for women’s practice. We will offer body-friendly meditation practices to develop concentration and facilitate healing, and discussion of issues facing women in Buddhist practice. This year’s retreat will focus on specific instruction for women in Zen Practice: How can women inspire each other? How do we learn to express our wisdom? What is women’s way to deeper embodiment (body integration) of Zen?

This year’s leaders:

For details, click here: Womens Retreat 2014 Flyer.

Retreat and accommodations fees:

All four days retreat/3 night accommodation:
$395 (or $315 w/tent space)
Partial Retreat Fee: $110/per day
Tent space accommodation: $80/per day
Comfortable accommodations, showers,
swimming, hiking, vegetarian snacks and meals.

Registration and contact information:
To register or for more information email
lauries AT kushiki.org.




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